• Please provide information for an event no sooner than 10 business days in advance. LINX requires at least 2 weeks advance notice for events to be promoted properly.
  • You are responsible for promoting your event using print advertisement, social media and word of mouth peer to peer marketing.  LINX reserves the right to cancel the event if we feel the event hasn’t been properly marketed.  By submitting this request, you agree to spend at least two weeks promoting your event.
  • LINX will allow an admission or door cover to be charged only in the following circumstances
    • The proceeds from the door go to a charity or not for profit student group on campus.
    • The event has been advertised and promoted to the standards and expectations of LINX Lounge
    • The event details, including decorating, staffing and event logistics have been properly planned and executed by the group
    • Any set up/take down/clean up regarding the event has been arranged and looked after by the group. 

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